Monday, August 24, 2009

Plant Yourself Where You CAN Bloom

The weirdest things motivate me. I understand and own this. I am ok and at peace with that. I am different, and I am glad.

This last 6 months has been especially taxing on my house. Not that my house was anything to brag about to begin with, but it is out of control. When one of my pals, Melissa, stopped by to visit on Sunday I was especially embarrassed. I literally have tumbleweed behind my doors. It's quite disgraceful, but I wouldn't give back a second of the time I have spent squeezing on my best boy Avery. For him, I embrace the tumbleweed.

The outside of my house has equally suffered. There is a pot full of dirt with no flower on my front steps. As Melissa and I walked by it, I reached in to pull out a crazy weed. Well, that weed had a different idea. When I lifted the weed, the whole pot came off of the steps. It WOULD NOT come out. We walked on, I was irritated, but it stuck with me.

If there's one thing I have learned from my friends over at Yo Gabba Gabba its that we should be kind to everyone. This includes bugs according to the song. From this I reached the natural conclusion that weeds should get the same courtesy. After all, I imagine this little weed seedling coasting through the air, probably singing, "I, I will survive, as long as ...... wait a MINUTE. There is a pot of Miracle Grow potting soil sitting EMPTY. Today is my day." So down plops this little weed seed, and here come the roots.

I imagine that now he sings something along the lines of, "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...". So it is in that little weed that I gathered this message: People say things like "Bloom where you are planted", but I think, like this little weed, we should plant ourselves where we can bloom and then hold on for dear life.

Oh to have the courage and resolve of this little weed is my wish! You have a home in my Miracle Grow until the winter comes and bids you farewell.

Also, when you pick your spot, make sure you have at least one smiling face to support you. This little inorganic gal has been hanging around since October 25, 2008. She never stops smiling, and she never looses her glasses. This pot if full of LOVE!

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